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Ottawa LP
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STILL QUITE DEAD, ALTHOUGH... [03.17.09] The label is still dead...nor is it reawakening in any form...however, there are a few things that might interest you here...
Welcome to the Council Records electronic presence. It has been sometime since Council has even been active, let alone present on the web. Only recently have these rusty wheels have finally begun to move again, awakening this tired beast from its deep slumber. A good three years have slipped by in utter confusion. I apologize for retreating. This site will serve as sort of a scrapbook for all things related to the label, so if you have any old photographs, flyers, or the like - please get in touch.

This is the latest attempt at picking up where I left off. Sometimes everything is far too out of place to continue, but it is all my blood knows. This rebirth shall know once again feasting and mirth. The number was 20 and we are well beyond that now. Please partake.

To continue the celebration and revival - I offer a few new endeavors: a new Calvary EP, another new EP From California's The Shivering and a limited vinyl version of the incredible Fourth Rotor - Seize CD. I suppose this is also the part where I try to convince you to purchase my new 'units'. I could give a fuck if you want to buy these records or not. I am in this for one reason and one reason only - to make available music I feel is important and relevant - period. And if that is indeed what it is - everything will work itself out. I will not insult your intelligence by attempting to write some witty commentary that pains the imagination comparing the Dearborn S.S. record to The James Gang or Led Zeppelin. Take a fucking chance. Live a little.

If you wish to purchase recordings (individually or wholesale) - you can do so directly through Council Records. Orders will be filled with color vinyl and the like when available. Ebullition will be handling a majority of my distribution (as well as dungeon crawling and goblin slaying) - so you can always contact them from mailorder and/or wholesale.

Recent Rotations: Sieben - Ogham Inside the Night/Sex & Wildflowers/ The Line and the Hook, Samhain - November Coming Fire, Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Vol. 2, :Of the Wand & the Moon: - Sonnenheim, Orplid - Sterbender Satyr, In Gowan Ring - Love Charms, Andrew King - The Amfortas Wound, Duo Noir - Marseilles, Darkwood - Weltenwende, Wicker Man Soundtrack, Deadwood.

[The Shivering]
[Yaphet Kotto]
[New Granada]

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