The torrid can be such an odd thing to attempt to recount the past. I was never good at archiving all that happened, nor am I any better at remembering it as it occured. Here I shall do my best to piece together a rough timeline of the major events that have shaped and mishaped Council Records over the promises...

< 1992 >

July 1st The formation of Current (A. Albus, D. Brosch, J. Labo, S. Ray and M. Weeks).
July 7th Current salvages studio time from Gallowstree - records 8 songs at the The Tempermill (4 of which will become the the first s/t 7"). Much is improvised in the studio and two songs are recorded without vocals.
July 22nd First official Current show (with Circus Lupus and Jawbox - St. Andrews - Detroit, Michigan).
Summer The Current demo is circulated to various record labels, with little or no interest. Current begin playing local Detroit shows.
October Council Records rears its ugly head. Originally found by all four members of Current and run out of Justin and Matt's apartment (Dearborn, Michigan). The first Current 7" (CR-1) is released later that month.

< 1993 >

Spring Current records the 'Coliseum' LP at SVR studios. The recorded is pressed and released just in time for the Summer tour with Chino Horde.
June 13th Current records 'Monument' at SVR studios (released later on split 7" with Chino Horde).
June 18th Current - 'Coliseum' (CR-2) is released.
June 23rd Current leaves for 56-day Summer tour.
July Current / Indian Summer 7" is released by Homemade Records and rejected for review by Maximum Rock'n'Roll for not being '3-chord, fast, pissed off hardcore with at least one psycho in the band'.
August 16th Final Chino Horde show - Little Rock, Arkansas - Riverfront Plaza (with Current).
Fall Current/Chino Horde 7" (CR-3) is released with File 13 Records. Justin leaves for Utah, Council Records is taken over by Matt, stays in Dearborn, Michigan.
December Justin returns to Michigan. Current reforms. First Ottawa practices.

< 1994 >

May 20th Current leaves for 43-day Summer tour.
October Ottawa/Jihad LP (CR-4) is released after an insane hassle involving Archer Record Pressing in Detroit, Michigan.
November Current disbands.

< 1995 >

March Chino Horde - 'This Is Done' 7" is released (CR-5).
June Current - 'Is 4' is released (CR-6).
July First .NEMA practice with original line-up.
August Ordination of Aaron - 'Immersion in a 90 MPH World' LP is released (CR-7).
September .NEMA demo is released (CR-7.5).
October 21 Council Records relocates to its new home in the desert wasteland of Arizona.

< 1996 >

January The .NEMA s/t 7" and The 26th Michigan Compilation 7" are released.
July 19th Last Constatine Sankathi show (Goleta Fest - Goleta, California). Plans for Council to release a new full-length Constatine Sankathi LP are dropped in favor of a complete discography CD.
August Council leaves its new desert home with no particular destination in mind.
September Council relocates to Chicago, Illinois. The poisonous hibernation is implanted...

< 1997 >

August .NEMA plays 8 shows on a 9 day tour of Canada and the Northeastern United States with Inept.
August The Bombs Lullabye s/t 7" (CR-10) is released.
September The Full Service Quartet 7" (CR-11) is released.
September 8th First appearance of the Council Records website...

< 1998 >

January .NEMA records their only full-length release, 'Bring Our Curses Home', which is eventually released in early 1999 by Sound Pollution Records. Shortly after recording, .NEMA disbands.
March The Current (CR-13) and Constatine Sankathi (CR-12) CD's are finally released after months of work and toil.

< 2000 >

May 27th The original Ottawa recording is mixed for a late 2000 rerelease. Council awakens from its deep slumber.
August 15th Yahpet Kotto/Suicide Nation 7" (CR-14) is released.
August 31st Dearborn S.S. 7" (CR-15) is released with Lengua Armada Discos.
October Dearborn S.S. disbands.
October 11th Redesign of the website begins...Phase II.

< 2001 >

March Council Records accompanies Yaphet Kotto on their US tour.
April 1st First Calvary show (w/ Yaphet Kotto, Volume 11 and Milemarker @ Infant Island - Chicago, IL).
April 20th The Calvary demo is released (CR-16.5)
May 17th The New Granada 7" (CR-16) is released.

Interview with Council Records appears in HeartAttack #31.

December 7th Calvary begins recording of their full-length LP.

< 2002 >

February 2nd Calvary completes the recording for their full-length LP with Greg Norman.
February 22nd The Shivering EP (CR-18) is released.
March 2nd Calvary finally play their first out of town show in St. Louis with Kung Fu Rick and IVth Rotor.
April/May Yaphet Kotto embark on a 2 month tour of Europe.
June 30th Yaphet Kotto 7" (CR-19) is released.
July Yaphet Kotto tour Japan for 11 days with Envy and This Machine Kills
July 4th The Calvary LP (CR-20) is released.
August 1st Calvary and The Shivering (with the aid of Yaphet Kotto) tour the west coast of the US for 2 weeks.

< 2003 >

March Calvary and Yaphet Kotto play selected shows in the midwest and on the east coast of the US.
April The Shivering 10" EP (CR-21) is released.
May 1st Calvary - The Will of the Way" EP is released after much turmoil.
August Fourth Rotor (Chicago) joins the Council family for a limited rerelease of their amazing CD on vinyl...

< 2004/2005 >

June Fourth Rotor LP is released (CR-24).

< 2006 >

January Short Con EP is released (CR-25).
January Council ceases to function as a full time label. Things will happen. All shall change.