the remnants of what was left (1992-2005)

Residue Records #12

Recorded in the Spring of 1994 at SVR. Remixed in the Summer of 2000 at Woodshed Studios. Originally released as the Ottawa/Jihad LP by Council Records and Abiology Records in the Fall of 1994. Reissued by Residue Records in the Fall of 2010.
Residue Records, home to such fine bands as Pedestrians, Daylight Robbery and Canadian Rifle, is currently carrying a limited number of old Chicago-based Council Records releases.

CR24 - Fourth Rotor 'Seize' LP
CR22 - Calvary 'The Will of the Way' EP
CR20 - Calvary LP
CR16 - New Granada s/t EP

Ordering information can be found on the Residue Records website.